Ryan Woods Sifted

“I’ve never wanted to be normal much. Normal seems boring. But after being sick and being ‘abnormal’ for reasons out of my control there is a strange drive for normalcy. . .I crave it. I want it. Even if I don’t know what exactly it is, I desire it. Maybe sick folk talk about this, but I think people feel a compulsion to correct them: ‘Normal is boring! Don’t be normal! What is normal?!’ Whether it makes logical sense or not there is a strong compulsion for normalcy: to be able to have ‘normal’ sex, to be in control of what my body looks like, to choose who gets to see me naked, to have a schedule filled with things I want them to be filled with, and to have a regular pooping schedule! Those are just a few of the ‘normal’ things I crave.” More of Ryan Woods’ sifted story.