Sifted Resources

To help you through your Sifted journey, you’ll find a collection of resources by pastoral leaders like you who have been there. Resources include the following:

Pastoral Counseling Centers

Pastoral leaders often need more than a weekly counseling session to resolve issues and maintain health. In addition, pastors experience many challenges most people never face and rarely is there someone with whom they can safely share. There are retreat centers located around the country specifically for pastors and families. Click here for a detailed list of pastoral centers.

Resource Books

We have gathered a collection of books by leaders in the trenches who share their wisdom and advice and may provide you encouragement and biblical, practical help through the journey.  Click here for a detailed list of books.

Resource Media

In this rapid-fire, media-rich culture, locating helpful media resources can be overwhelming & time-consuming. Here we are compiling audios, videos & pod casts by leaders who offer biblical teaching and practical help for seasons of sifting. Click here for more.