20 Bible Leaders in 20 Days – Daily Devotions on Sifting

We continue our series on “Sifted.”  Here is a summary of recent posts:

We asked each speaker (over 100) that will be at Exponential 2012 to write a short candid essay (500 to 700 words) on a personal story of sifting from his or her lives.   We post at least one of these stories each day via the Stories of Sifted web site.   The stories are powerful testimonies to how God is at work in and through his people.  Collectively, these stories remind us that he does not give us more than we can handle if we trust him.

As noted in previous posts, Jesus promised that we would have trouble in this world.  He prayed for us that we might be protected from the evil one when the day of trouble comes.  He knew that the spiritual warfare of the evil one seeking to take captive our minds would be a greater challenge to us than the physical trouble itself.   God uses our worldly troubles, intersected with spiritual warfare (mental attacks from the evil one) to produce increased surrender in us to Him.

In reading these inspirational stories, its our hope that you will be encouraged to continue to fight the good fight in your ministry.

We’ve also spent the past few months researching 30 Bible leaders (from Adam to Peter) looking specifically at their personal stories of sifting.  Eric Reiss, a creative story telling writer, is turning each of these stories of sifting in the lives of a Bible leader into daily devotional readings.   On Monday February 6th, we are launching a “20 Leaders in 20 Days” devotional series.  We will post one Bible leader essay each day.

In many of the stories, you will see your favorite Bible leaders through a different lens than you’ve looked at them through before.  You will be challenged and encouraged.   Each day you will wrestle with one question to apply in your own life.   A question that relates directly to your own story of sifting.

We encourage you to participate in the “20 Leaders in 20 Days” campaign.   As you read the daily devotionals, you will be encouraged to pursue and embrace the stories of sifting being written in your own life.   The devotions are designed to be read in any order and you can catch up by reading more than one each day.

You can participate by either visiting the Stories of Sifted web site each day or subscribing to our RSS feed and having the daily posts delivered to your Feed Reader.